Social Media

  1. We should strive to post at least once a day to every social media platform we want to be active on:

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    • Instagram

  2. Monitor Slack for members to post project pics or videos.

  3. ALWAYS ask for the creator's permission to post their pictures and projects on social media.

  4. If permission is granted, add that picture to the social-media Slack channel to consolidate content to be used later




  • RCL Green

    • hex #80ff02

    • rgb(128,255,2)

  • RCL Black

    • hex #000000

    • rgb(0,0,0)

  • Sherwin Williams Paint Color

    • Electric Lime (SW 6921, 146-C3)

Logo Use

When using any of these logo graphics, you will need to open them in an SVG editing program, scale to the pixel size needed, then export that size as a PNG. This way we avoid any issues with pixelization of the images. We recommend Inkscape as a great SVG editor.

  • When using the logo on a light background, where black would normally be used, use the Official Black Logo

  • When using the logo on a dark background, where white would normally be used, use the Official Green Logo


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