Attendees: Jeep, Heather, Wes, Sam, Don, Alan, Fred, Joe

Any Proposals for Large Expenses in 2024

  • Fiber laser

  • Multi headed/multi color 3D printer

  • Shelix head for the planer

  • Swag table and band saw (metal shop)

  • Upgrade dust collection system

  • Drum sander

  • Small wood lathe

  • Wood band saw w/ resaw capability

  • Garage storage system

Safety Maintenance

  • Lighting - current LED lights are going out and need replacing

  • Lighting over lathe and mill

  • Hearing protection and safety glasses

Any Proposals for Bylaw Updates in 2024

  • Reduction of number of officers & redefinition of officer roles

  • Addition of requirement for CPA audit

Fiber Laser

  • At least half of cost has been raised from donations so far

  • Specifics of laser to be proposed will be discussed in Slack

  • Will RCL contribute anything from general funds? To be discussed (see above)

Enclosure for air compressor, is it needed?

  • Yes, materials for box are already there

  • Need a cooling fan

  • Air compressor also needs to be isolated from the framing

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Items

    • Draining air compressor tank

    • Maintenance on laser and chiller schedule

    • Bathroom cleaning schedule

  • Create checklists so people can initial when

  • Create calendar reminders

New laser training plan

  • Trained members cannot train and certify other members - warranty concern

  • Joe could train some trainers - start with Don and Jeep

Cleaning House

  • Sell or give away the small CNC router - offer to Al Jolly $100

  • Sell or give away Sears drill press - offer to Mike for $10

  • Sell Dean's Mill - offer on Slack $1000 and list on FB Marketplace for $1500 ($1000 lowest)

  • Renewal of midwestmakerfest.org domain - don't renew

  • Eliminating Meetup - don't renew

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