Monthly Members Meeting

Attendees: Don, Fred, Jeep, Sam

News and Updates

Lot of cleaning is in progress

Moved the big shelf in the front to the cleaning room to the sound room

Moved printer into the sound room

Rack by BFL was moved to clean room

Purchased MIG and Stick Welder (replaces the Harbor Freight one)

Welding Gas tube is getting upgraded

  • Current one is too big, switching to a smaller.

  • Ilmo Gas is given RCL as deal without the initial lease/fee for the cylinder.

Member's Voice

  • PPEs (long sleeve welding gloves, nitrile, disposable masks) and Auto-shade Helmets will be bought from Harbor Freight Tools

    • (25% discount for Friends and Family for everything)

  • Jeep plans to offer to Welding classes on Thursdays (Members only).

    • RSVP via Slack

    • Two people only (excluding Jeep)

    • Evenings only

    • Attendees responsible for PPEs

  • Crusens on July-31 on next-door garage

    • we need volunteer to mow the lawn

Show and Tell

Don posted Night Table pictures for this session

Educational sessions

Jeep Presenting Introduction to use MIG Welder

posted a video on the channel

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