1. Backfilling Membership Officer Position

    1. nominations start tonight go through sunday

    2. proxy voting starts monday

  2. Events

    1. Engineering day

      1. Feb 16th (sunday) 12-5

      2. Wes is coordinating

    2. MRRF 2020

    3. NOMCON 2020 ticket (early bird price is $200 or there's pay what you can)

      1. vote next week to pay for aaron's ticket

    4. WTF Night

      1. Ellie is scheduling the first night

    5. Wes wants to do quarterly potlucks again

    6. Wes is considering revamping the monthly members meetings to be way better/enjoyable. Talk to him about it.

  3. Storage area update

    1. It's usable now to start putting things in

    2. Josh is building a wall

  4. RCL Flyers

    1. ellie ordered some

  5. Chris made a visitor kiosk thingie, idk what it does.

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