Meeting member meeting minutes

Attendees: Paul Prest, Karen Raab, William Staples, Alan Hennis, Wes Thill, Sam (Sreeram Mahadevan), Don Kalmes, Ellie Ford, Brian Ford, Katie Ford, Brian Ford, Jeep Johnson, Josh Malavolti, Steve Polus,


-RCL membership retention-Karen

-RCL work area budgets proposal Goal: Safety, Maintenance, Ease of Use, Training -Fred

-Video tour Feb 24th- You Tube live 7-8 pm quiet time Ellie

-Tool upgrades: Lightburn, Fusion360, VCarve, Mill (Josh-join CNC equipment channel on Slack, look for up coming training)-Alan

-Member reminders-Community effort, Mask Up!, training (Jeep) -Karen

-Slack channels-Space Feel -Wes Survey members -Steve

-Angel Membership-Jay/Steve

Thanks to RCL volunteers

  • No prior knowledge of Inkscape or lasers

  • Tools were operational

  • Items well labelled

  • Instructions were referenced on wiki

  • Not possible without many dedicated hours from RCL members!

Brand new members able to make a laser coaster and 3d printed dice within 1 hour.

Check out the Wiki-https://wiki.rivercitylabs.space/ VCarve desktop client -so you can work on your projects at home without having to come to the space. Key will be on Slack access channel

To use your design you will need to come into the space and use one of the full copies of VCarve Pro to export your design and cut it on Shapeoko CNC machine.

See Wiki for more information

Shapeoko is expected to be functional by March

Must Provide own bits and materials

Josh will schedule Zoom training next week

Mask Up! Sign on front door will be added

On occasion members may not have mask on, feel free to ask to tell them Mask Up

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