1. reprap fest is in a month

    1. wes is going to work on getting a headcount for people and printers for rcl

  2. light table is going to mossville elementary school

    1. chris needs help getting the table moved to mossville

  3. ronald mcdonald house

    1. Aaron will setup a time so we can all meet in the game room and get a sense of scale and size for the proposed decorations

    2. btw we're working with the ronald mcdonald house to make some wall mounted board game decorations. It will be fantastic exposure for RCL and there's grant money on the table for our time and materials. If you're interested in helping out, reach out to Aaron

  4. door situation

    1. apparently the veraub stores the codes on the door lock which makes Aaron feel less sad about the system integration. He'd still like to see some more discussion and documentation on how to maintain and administer the system.

  5. storage shelves

    1. back room needs cleaned

    2. we need to figure out a way to charge for it

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