Caterpillar Foundation Matching


The Caterpillar Foundation supports the River City Labs by matching membership donations made by employees and retirees of Caterpillar, Inc. Thank you for taking a moment to make their donation possible. Simply follow the short and easy instructions listed below to double your support.

Minimum donation amount to qualify for matching is $50

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Caterpillar Foundation Donation Match Guidelines

Here is a link to the Foundation's guidelines for donation matching

Request a Donation Match

If you need us to provide you with your tax-deductible gift information, please e-mail us at

  1. First, go to the website:

  2. Click Visit Website

3. If it's your first time submitting a request, you'll need to create a password. If not, type in your PeopleSoft ID and password then click Login

4. Read through and ACCEPT that you understand the terms of the program guidelines.


6. Enter the following info and click Search

7. Find "RIVER CITY LABS" and click SELECT on the right

8. Fill in the information on your gift, then click SAVE AND PROCEED.

9. Verify your gift information and click SUBMIT.

10. You will be asked how you wish to let the non-profit know about the gift, and offered two choices:

  1. (recommended) Email Match Request to Non-Profit: you will be asked to give a Recipient email address; please type:

  2. Print Match Request for Non-Profit, which allows you to print the form and mail it to us

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