Attendees: Sam, Wes, Jeep, Heather, Alan, Fred, Karen, Don, Joe

Agenda : officer meeting January 10th. Please post for discussion.

  1. Using Google meet for meeting.

    1. Proposal to use officers@rivercitylabs.space account to host meetings

    2. Fred will cancel Zoom Premium subscription effective Jan 16th

  2. LastPass, change of password manager to a more secure platform.

    1. Options 1Password (paid) and Bitwarden (free)

    2. Aaron is looking into options and will let us

  3. Distributed 2 factor authentication

    1. Options: Authy

  4. Possible open house opportunities for 2023.

    1. Give tours the Saturday after large public events like Engineering Day

    2. Open houses once per quarter, 11-2pm on a Saturday

    3. Add open houses to RCL Meetup

  5. Creating a wall/display for wishlist and money goals (i.e. fiber laser, woodshop drill press)

    1. Wishlist has be written on whiteboard in the clean room

  6. Woodshop

    1. Another french cleat wall has been added

    2. Dust Collector - Alan is investigating the issue. It works but isn't hooked up. Alan will have it reconnected by the end of the week.

    3. We need a solution for storing scrap wood. Proposals: wall shelves, cart

  7. Update website

    1. Heather will update, Sam can help

    2. Github desktop makes it easier to update than web-based Github

  8. Follow up with Aaron regarding last CoC report

  9. Member's Meeting (January 19th)

    1. Spook Hollow President is coming to present a donation check to RCL from Market Height Men's Club (parent organization for Spook Hollow)

  10. Engineering Day (February 19th)

    1. Sam will be looking for member projects

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