Aaron finished IT infrastructure analysis - proposes a ubiquiti USG and cloud key to replace the existing pfsense router/pc

BFL drag chain fully fixed and the exhaust replaced, the laser is fully operational

flash dryer outlet is installed

  1. Donations

    1. getting better jars, look better, better accessible locations,

    2. laser cut neon acrylic donation box?

    3. swirly coin vortex

  2. Members meeting

    1. show and tell

    2. cosplay guild, workworking club, woodturning, circ, fiber weavers, get peoplel from other creative orgs to come in and give a talk about their org

    3. make it more of an event if we're to encourage members to come

  3. storage shelves

    1. $10/2x2/mo section with a tote

    2. Bring it up in slack to make sure everyone is on board with that pricepoint

    3. We need to figure out how to charge for it (gopaywall?)

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