Attendees: Heather, Jeep, Wes, Aaron, Joe, Josh, Sam, Fred, Cody, Karen


  1. Dean wanting to donate 200$/month for a dedicated workbench.

    1. workbench must be out of the way of normal foot traffic

    2. No special limitations are needed; noise is fine

    3. We'll re-evaluate after 4 months

  2. Our Building was sold

    1. Our lease is secure, nothing on our end changes.

    2. Keep on keepin' on

  3. Blacksmithing classes went well!

    1. safety communications went out before the event

    2. Jeep says everyone was very excited about the classes!

  4. Planer

    1. We're receiving a nicer planer on indefinite loan from a member

    2. Wes wants to sell the existing delta planer to recoup space

      1. We agreed to keep onto it for now and treat is as a community repair project

  5. Distillery Labs and Central IL Manufacturing Network are coming this Thursday for a combined tour/ hangout.

  6. Slush Fund for a Fiber Laser

    1. Vincent asked about making a thermometer fundraiser chart to track donations toward it

  7. New battery powered tools

    1. Wes suggested we reach out to Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, Black and Decker for donations of new battery tools

  8. We will be cancelling our zoom subscription in favor of going back to Google Meet under our nonprofit GSuite account. If there's any ongoing technical concerns with Google meet, we can always renew the zoom subscription.

    1. While you're at it, take a look at Google Chat under our Gsuite as well, would be a great slack alternative if we ever needed to leave slack in the future.

  9. Panel Saw

    1. We're getting a track saw on indefinite loan from a member

    2. We'll try to sell the panel saw since it's rarely used and cumbersome

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