Attendees: Alan, Cody, Jeep, Josh, Karen, Sam, Wes


  1. Expansion

    1. Paint room

      1. another 8" fan needed

      2. T piping for exhaust piping

      3. another 8" hood for outside wall (special order in menards)

      4. another box of 4ft lights (which will cover the new wood shop and paint room)

    2. Cleats

      1. 3-1/4' Wood delivered

    3. Airline adapter

      1. need adapter for hooking up

      2. Need to hookup the filter

    4. Proposal to cover the drain with elevated flooring with random lumber (2x4 preferably)

    5. More Fylers

      1. Sam to print by EOD 09/14/2022

      2. 20 count as of this moment

    6. 100 waivers

      1. minors and adults

    7. Groceries

      1. Fred to pickup stuff (sodas, buns and anything he can grab from grocery store)

      2. SAM for veggie menu

    8. SAM to bring the supplies he has for cutleries and plates

      1. deliver by 09/14/2022

    9. heather to boost to post on Thursday (09/15/2022)

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