Attendees: Alan, Chris, Dillon Don, Fred, Heather, Jeep, Joe, Josh, Mike, Sage, William

Election Result

  1. President: Jeep

  2. Vice President: Don

  3. Secretary: Wes Thill

  4. Treasurer :Fred Bliss

  5. Facilities: Alan Hennis

  6. P.R: Heather Housie

  7. Membership : Heather Housie (but choose PR)

  8. Education: Sreeram Anikode Mahadevan

  9. Event Coordinator: Wes Thill (but declined)

  10. Director: Joe Spanier, Karen Raab

Classes 2024

  1. Josh Mold Making January 17 and 18

  2. Heather and Will February on 3d-printing

Landlord would like to have a long term lease which RCL is looking for. Details to be TBD.

Current lease until May-2024.

Potential BIG Sponsor: PCBWay

CAT match NOV-27-DEC-1

Leave the new laser untouched till Joe is back

Donation against the power coat -> $150

Clean your workspace afterward you're done

use the dust collection and empty it when possible

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