• Electronics recycling-April 26th/ Spring cleaning day May 1st
    • Karen will help moving only member’s thing if necessary
  • Generator sale?
    • Wes to put a vote with a deadline
      • Decision based on majority-vote within the deadline
  • Grit blast cabinet
    • To be used only for outdoor now (at-least for now)
    • Goes somewhere by the shelf to the right of the overhead door
  • Grass cutting-mower is in back room
    • Requesting volunteer for mowing the front lawn
    • Trello/slack reminder
  • Open to public 2nd Thursday/month (May?)
    • Ellie for PR publishing (F.B, Meetup), Josh for RSVP signage
  • Pallet project for south mission-Phil Spengler
    • Looking for member/volunteer for greenhouse project
  • Tag loaned machines – Alan
  • 5-axis CNC/Router
    • Bring your own consumables/bits
    • don't buy Menards bits -Alan votes they're bad
    • Fastenal bit preferred (might get a few for Demo/starter members)
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