RCL Cloud Storage

Gsuite Shared Drive

RCL is signed up for Gsuite for nonprofits. This gives us the ability to give every RCL member their own *.rivercitylabs.space google account. This account comes with 30gb of personal storage, and automatic access to the "RCL Cloud Storage" Shared Drive, where all RCL documents are stored.

You need a *.rivercitylabs.space google account in order to access the Shared Drive.

What is a Google Shared Drive?

Here is a great overview of how Shared Drives work

Shared Drive Limitations

There are some limitations to the Shared Drive, please read through them so you are aware of how it works

Guiding Principals for using the Shared Drive

  1. If the document you are creating will be used by other people in the org, please create it in the shared drive. Don't create it in your personal drive and share it.

  2. If you are creating a document, please do your best to find the best folder to store it that aligns with the context/subject matter of the file.

  3. If there is no suitable folder that aligns with the context/subject of the file, please create one in the most suitable location.

  4. Give the file or folder a meaningful name, one where the purpose of the file or folder can be determined by someone who has no idea what's inside.

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