Probotix CNC Router

Probotix Asteroid - GX3725

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  • Wood

  • Aluminum

  • Plastics

  • Foam



Square End

Ball End

Technical Specifications

Work Envelope

X Travel

37+ Inches

Y Travel

25+ Inches

Z Travel

5+ Inches


Maximum Speed

200 Inches Per Minute (per axis), 330 Inches Per Minute (combined)


0.00125 Inches


Drive Mechanism

1/2" 5-Start ACME Screws w/ Anti-backlash Nuts

Linear Rails

16mm Fully Supported Rails on X & Y Axis, 16mm Open Rail on Z Axis

Machine Frame

3060M Aluminum T-slot Extrusion


Control System

Unity CNC Controller (5x 4.2Amp Bi-polar Drivers), LinuxCNC Control PC

Power Requirements

10A@110VAC for Control System, 20A@220VAC for optional VFD Spindle

1.5KW VFD, Variable Frequency Drive (KL-VFD15), 110VAC input

Product Description

Led Display

Input: 110VAC ±15% 1 or 3 phase (R,S or R, T or S,T) 50/60Hz

Output: 110VAC 3 Phase (U,V,W) 1.5KW

Frequency Range: 0.1-400Hz

0-10V Analog interface capability

Variable speed potentiometer

VFD Parameter set:

PD000=1 for Parameter unlock ( 1 ) for Parameter Lock

PD001=1 (1 For Remote Control)

PD002=1 ( 1 For 0-10v Terminal Control or Remote Trim Pot Control ) ( J1 Also Needs to be set for Terminal Control )





PD008=120 (Motor Rated Voltage, If you have 120v spindle then set to 120v )



PD011=120 ( 100 Minimum Setting with Quality VFD, 120 is Safe)

PD13= 08 is for Factory reset, Only use this to set VFD to Factory Default Settings

PD014 Acceleration=12 ( Adjust to suit)

PD015 Deceleration=12 (Adjust to suit) ( PD15 is ignored IF PD26=1 Then the Spindle will Coast to a Stop)

PD141=120 ( Motor Rated Voltage ) (120 for VFD Rated for 120v )

PD142= 7 PD142=( 220vSet for your motor Amp Rating 2.2Kw Spindle 9 amp ) PD142=( 220VSet for your motor Amp Rating 1.5Kw Spindle 7 amp ) PD142=( 220v Set for your motor Amps Rating 800w Spindle 4 amps ) PD142=( 120v Set for your motor Amp Rating 800w Spindle 7 amp )

PD143=2 ( Motor Number of Poles)

PD144=3000 (Max Motor RPM) =3,000= (24,000)

PD70=0 ( This may need to be set to 1 if Control Voltage is 0-5v )


PD73=120 ( 100 Minimum Setting )

Manuals & Downloads VFD User Manual (1708 downloads) Thanks to our customer.

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