Officers: Jeep Johnson, Heather Houze, Wesley Thill, Don Kalmes, Alan Hennis, Karen Raab, Joe Spanier


Fiber Laser

  • Karen has asked that RCL use $2500 from our budget towards fiber laser

  • $1650 has been raised in donations towards fiber laser

  • Concerns:

    • Where is money going to come from? Karen proposes it come from our cash reserves

    • Pending major expense to repair/replace Glowforge. Karen emailed Jason Radford at his personal email, and has not yet heard back.

  • Officers to continue discussing and looking for ways to fund laser purchases

Cat Match

  • Reminder that Cat employees can file their volunteer hours for a donation to RCL, and those can be earmarked for preferred projects

Topic for Next Month

  • How much money do we need to keep in our rainy day fund? Can any of our current reserves be allocated to improving RCL/buying new tools? We need Treasurer Fred for that conversation.

Paint Room

  • Paul to come in and give a Thursday class about how to use the paint room and how to clean the paint gun

  • Complaints about air compressor being very noisy

    • Build platform and sound box

    • Josh to donate sound deadening material and ventilation fan

    • Wes to help with vibration isolation between platform and top of paint booth

Donation of Vacuum Former

  • Dean's stuff is taking up space in the corner where Josh's donated vacuum former will go

  • Jeep will send a message to Dean to ask when he will be back in town

  • Josh won't donate vacuum former until there is space to put it

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