SA Laser Razor-2

100w Co2 Laser


OPEN PASS-THROUGH DESIGN The Open Pass-Through Doors that allows for materials to be easily loaded and unloaded from the laser machine. The Open Pass Though has an adjustable platform height, so it can accommodate a range of different sizes and lengths of materials. It also has a built–in fan to help keep the materials cool during the engraving process.

Supported Materials for Engraving

Getting Started


Remote Control

Control Panel

Laser button

Exhaust button

Test-fire Button

Start Button

Stop Button

How to guide

  1. Make yourself familiar with the machine controls in "Getting Started"

  2. Make sure the laser is turned off

    1. No illuminated bed

    2. No lights on the beacon

    3. No Exhaust and Chiller sounds

  3. Check the chiller lines are properly secured/fastened at the laser and the chiller itself

  4. A LASER GRADE EYE PROTECTION IS RECOMMENDED AT ALL TIMES WHEN OPERATING THE MACHINE. Contact one of our member in house if you don't have one.


    Open the laser door and check the laser nozzle and make sure the air-Inlet is positioned inwards a.k.a pointing towards the back of the laser like in the picture below.


  6. Close the laser door and leave it closed.

  7. Using the key turn on the laser

  8. Wait for the laser gantry to finish homing procedure and till it returns to previous origin.

    Gantry will move to x,y origin (top right corners), this will be a slow move, and then gantry moves fast back to the previous job's origin position.

  9. Clear (if any) leftover material from the laser bed

    move the bed (bed moves down towards ground) or the gantry as needed using the remote or the control panel

  10. Make sure the lenses and are mirrors are clean

    If not sure how, ask someone what to look for and how to clean each item.

  11. Place your material on the bed

    Move the gantry as required and after placing your material on the bed you may use the wooden fasters to secure/tie-down your material in place.

  12. Focusing the laser on the material

    Use the focus-dingus with the laser nozzle like in the picture to align the focus of the laser to the material surface The gap between the material and the focus-dingus shall be very minimal a.k.a no more than what is takes to move the focus-dingus between the material and the laser head. If there exist large gap, laser will not focused on the material and your cut/engrave result will not be as expected

  13. This section assumes you have your design's ready and are already sent to SALaser's Control Panel

    Refer to Lightburn section on our wiki for more info on how to use LB with SA Laser Razer-2

  14. Align origin in design with actual laser head's origin position

    Depending on the origin settings on the lightburn design, you may to adjust you gantry position to align with your desired laser head origin position.

  15. Press the 'Laser button" and get the chiller going first.

    1. This step helps the laser tube to get chilling process first before the laser stars firing

    2. Also help auditorily that makes sure chiller is turned on before the laser is getting fired

  16. Press the "Exhaust button" and start the exhaust

    1. This may start and loud noise, use hearing protection if needed.

  17. Move the gantry to your desired position and hit origin on the Remote Control or the Control Panel

  18. To confirm your origin position you may now choose to use the "Test-fire Button"

    Note: this will burn the material at the current position of the head with the power setting on the Control Panel

  19. You may now use the "Frame Button" on the Remote Control or the Control Panel to see the gantry moving along the largest polygon area bounded by your design.

    If you wish to adjust your design in Lightburn you will have to resend the design

    If you re-align your material repeat from step 17

  20. Once you're comfortable with the power settings and the position of your material hit start button on the Control Panel

  21. Once the Job start or if you feel something is quite not right yet feel free to hit the stop button to stop your job on the Control Panel at any given point in time

Get Trained before you can Operate

Hope you have read through this wiki guide and are familiar with the overall machine and its operation.

Get hold of one of members in our laser channel in slack to get your hands on the machine.

How to transfer your files

from RCL Desktop

  • Desktop PC has a mopped drive to the BFL PC where you can use/transfer files to the BFL PC

  • files can be any lightburn supported files extensions .


focus dingus

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