Attendees: Jeep, Heather, Wesley, Karen, Fred, Alan


  • Wes to compile list and share

Bylaw Updates

  • Wes has submitted his proposal for retaining a CPA

  • Heather has submitted her proposal for changing officer positions

CPA is needed for filing taxes

  • RCL 2023 revenue exceeded $50k, so we need to file a full 990

Engineering Day

  • February 18th, 12-5PM

  • Our submission for the scavenger hunt: "how many mm in an inch?" reward is an RCL pencil

  • Meet at RCL at 9:30 AM on Sunday to pack up

Angel Membership

  • Sponsored by Jay Babin

  • Deserves a re-think for how we manage it

  • Heather proposes making it a starving membership, and no more than 3 months

  • Jeep to talk with Jay

  • Revisit topic next month

Fiber Laser

  • Up and operational, enclosure is built

  • Talk to Jeep about getting trained

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