Attendees: Alan, Bill, Don, Doug, Fred, Jeep, Heather, Kelly, Sam, Mikey, Will

Fund raised for fiber laser. All from donations and CAT-Match

  • Check out the fiber laser channel for details of the purchase

Milk Crate CNC available for any Members for 100$ and an upcharge for external customers

The screen printer (surface plate) and the infrared light need top move to make room for fiber laser.

Officers elected for year 2024

  • President: Jeep

  • Vice President: Don

  • Secretary: Wes

  • Treasurer: Fred

  • Facilities: Alan

  • Education: SAM

  • PRO: Heather

  • Directors: Karen and Joe

  • Next year the officers hosting the respective offices are combining/taking additional responsibilities as PR and events, Membership and vice president, Facility and Safety.

Bearing replaced on BAND-saw.

SWAG-TABLE for metal shop. Need to follow up with ASM?

old delta drill press moved to metal shop, craftsman was given to Mike against a donation. New one "JET" is in woodshop

Two new members tonight

Upcoming class on mold making, 12 seats, 3 sold.

!!! Happy birthday to Jeep !!!


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