Officer's Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Karen, Wes, Jeep, Alan, Don, Josh & Sam

  • Covid Occupancy restriction update

    • Increase the occupancy to 20 individuals

  • Thursday open build night

    • Thursday build nights will promote new-RCL-members

    • Public Nights only once a month DATE

      • Tour limited to first 10 Individuals and/or Group.

      • Occupancy will be limited to 20 individual inclusive of the Guests and members

      • Builds night will be on Second Thursday of the month

      • Josh will make a simple RSVP (Name, email, no: of guests, date of your choice) and work with Ellie to publicize

  • Slack access reduction

    • Send a reminder for signup

    • Signup for digital membership at-least

    • Josh going to manage the clean up

      • Define a group and assign per member, and remove them as they leave

  • Selling of Caterpillar 7500E gas powered generators Steve donated

    • Will be priced – $1200 for any member or Guests

  • Signage (yes, I will g

  • et this done)

    • Front door

      • Mask up

    • On the Air-filter <---

      • Shop users (dirty space). Please turn on air filter timer. Remote located on dust collector in yellow pouch

    • Laser

      • Suggested donation - $1/minute of laser time. For replacement tube fund. Cash or PayPal accepted

    • Clean-room computer

      • Please do not use this computer to download and convert illegal content. Please be courteous with our resources and respectful.

      • Turn down thermostat when leaving

    • Saw stop no conductive material --- Did you test the material you’re cutting?

      • Replacement parts $80 + Blade-cost

    • Paid project storage space 10$/Month

    • Al-jolly is going to help

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