Officer Reports

President: Aaron Peterson

Vice President : Wes Thill

Secretary: Sreeram Mahadevan

Treasurer: TBD, Fred in interim

PR Officer: Patrick Gudat

Facilities Manager: Cody Webster

Membership Officer: Karen Raab

Education Officer: Alan Hennis

Director: Josh Malavolti

Old Business

For full context see 01/11/2022 meeting notes

Josh: Mill mounting plate design/purchase. Will cotinue discussion in #metalworking will work on adding a space-wide doorbell via homeassistant or something.

Alan will get the belt sander stuff put back together this week (01/11/2022)

Wes: 1. suggests woodshop purchases, will put details in #woodshop 2. Suggests building new workbench with integrated router as a group project. 3. Suggests goal setting for officers; we need to find a place to discuss this 4. Suggests membership interest/skills survey on how to improve the space 5. Suggests an offboarding project to get feedback from outgoing members 6. Suggests PR officer composes quarterly RCL newsletters to showcase what's going on 7. Will open up nominations for Director and Events Officer tonight (01/11/2022) 8. Suggests we get a Smart Thermostat for the space.

Josh and Sam will get the Octoprint url's working externally this Thursday (01/11/2022)

New Business

Engineering Day - Sunday Feb 20, 2022



To open up ballot on Thursday 10/08/2022, nomination closes on 17/08/2022

Feb-20 10am-5pm Engineering day

Alan: , Karen: Screw wall, Josh: Hot wheel, Jeep: wands, and Heather



  • Presented his current roles and responsibilities

  • Presented Monthly Expenses Vs Expenditure, year-to-day

  • Welcoming new members to offload responsibilities

  • End of the year financials in financial_reports


  • planer: need new blades

  • jointer: Needs new base


  • Online wavier as a google form

  • LEAVE THE FAN ON the hvac

  • Nginx is operational missing


  • Mill mounting plate is done

  • Belt sander is operational, tracking is aligned

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