Firearms Policy

Firearms Policy


Firearm or, in common usage, a “gun”, “weapon” or equivalent term refers to a device that expels a projectile by means of energy released as the result of a chemical reaction.

Replicas are meant to look and mechanically act like a firearm. The inability to readily differentiate an item from a firearm shall define a replica.

Firearm Parts are any and all components that attach to a firearm, unless specifically exempted below. Parts from non-firearms that are interchangeable with a firearm are deemed to be firearm parts and are included in this definition.

Suppressors and/or Silencers: Any device or component intended to suppress or diminish the sound or the muzzle flash of a firearm.

Ammunition: Consumable supplies for a firearm, such as bullets, gunpowder or primers.

Reloading Activities: Any activity associated with the reloading or refurbishing of ammunition, including, but not limited to, casting bullets, processing cartridges, processing cases, gunpowder or primers.

Personal Carry: The carrying of a firearm, as permitted by Illinois law on or within a River City Labs' facility.

Exempted Devices and Items

1. Devices that propel a projectile by means of mechanically stored energy (pneumatically, mechanically compressed gases, springs or stored kinetic energy including torsion, mechanical action or electrical energy) are not included as firearms and are exempt from this policy. However, any parts of an exempted device or item that falls under the definition of firearm parts are NOT EXEMPT.

2. Mountable scopes or other sighting devices (e.g. lasers, flashlights) that mount to a firearm, but are not integral to the original design of the firearm.

3. Bi-pods or other attached firearm supports.

4. Props, cosplay, or other types of objects that are made to resemble a type of fantasy gun (e.g. Sci-Fi or Steampunk).


Possession, creation, repair or modification of firearms, replicas, firearm parts, suppressors, silencers, ammunition, reloading activities and personal carry, as defined above, are STRICTLY PROHIBITED at any River City Labs' facilities.

River City Labs reserves the sole right to determine whether an activity or object falls within the definitions of this policy, and to determine on a case-by-case basis, whether it is permissible at a River City Labs' facility.

General advice to members

If in doubt about whether an activity or object falls under the jurisdiction of this policy, it is your responsibility to seek permission from an River City Labs' Employee or the majority decision of the Board of Directors, before bringing the object to a River City Labs' facility or beginning any activity with it.

Breach of this policy may result in disciplinary and/or legal action.“Accidentally” bringing a firearm, replica, or other prohibited item into a River City Labs' Facility will not be recognized as a valid defense for a breach of this policy.

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