Members meeting minutes

Attendees: Karen Raab, Ellie Ford, Josh Malavolti, Joe Kale, Jeep Johnson, Katie Ford

Wes Thill, Alan Hennis, Don Kalmes, Al Jolly

Jeep Johnson will be RCL Educational Officer for 2021. Members please video your projects and send to Ellie Ford, post on Slack, put on Google drive, etc. We need to promote all the cool things RCL is doing!

2021 RCL wish list

#1 Lightburn license $40-

#2 FUSION 360 license $40/year-Tech Soup

#3-Upgrades to 3D printers-Aerostruder needs new drive wheel parts are on order

BFL laser tube slush fund-establish % of member dues and crowdfunding -$1/MINUTE suggested donation $500/tube -plan for replacement 4th quarter 2021

Magnetic connections for dust collection hoses to make it easier to attach to machines-Alan, 3d print with ABS, need strong Neod magnets 50 cents/each, 30/connection -higher priority, still under research

220 volt outlet- $40 to convert existing outlet mid level priority -once a month firing

Upgrade to CNC router software $200 (crowd funded)- will move forward with members (makerspace space Vcarve pro subscription $99/year 5 copies on computers at RCL plus members can use at home) Karen

Red tag system for out of order of tools-Alan, how to report machine/ safe job procedure/ Slack channel ‘Machine Down’ high priority,-try it now!!! Josh has a spreadsheet for machine down, or wiki?

Wood Countersink drill bits-Alan go ahead-Harbor Freight set -added to tool wish list

Metal lathe tail stock-new $ Don- medium priority

Additional topics -Ronald McDonald House $1000.30 check issued Jan 8th

-Education officer-Wes coordinating

-Grizzly cnc mill-Josh-in progress

-Google voice calls-Ellie voice mail goes to Officers mail

-Paid member storage- Alan membership tier?, add on? Donation? Yearly fee -pay up front $120

-Individual door codes for members-Fred with assistance for documentation purposes (500 code limit)

-light table sale-in progress till end of January, price reduced to $50 on 1/21. This weekend will start with disassembly for possible use for table saw out-feed table

-hoist low priority https://www.harborfreight.com/1-ton-telescoping-gantry-crane-41188.html

-sand blast cabinet -low priority

-more woodshop tool suggestions

-Virtual tour Feb 24, 2021 -Ellie leading

-Updating photos in Google business -Steve

- Update bylaws to reflect reasonable purchasing amounts

- Deputize area captains (laser cutters, 3D printers, electronics bench, metal shop, wood shop) to help Alan

-community effort to keep the place running

--make budget for work areas

- Improve documentation of onboarding process-Josh/Steve

-Membership maintenance -Josh/Wes

- Create list of people with slack access and reason for access: paid member/guest/etc.

-Increasing membership thoughts-work on tool improvements/machine down process, virtual classes, open build nights are on hold-metrics for reopening? Schedule a separate meeting

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