Attendees: Wesley Thill, Heather Houze, Jeep Johnson, Sam Mahadevan, Don Kalmes, Alan Hennis, Fred Bliss, Karen Raab, Joe Spanier

Officer Election

  • Quorum has been met

  • Votes will be counted on Thursday

San Antonio Laser (New BFL)

  • Should arrive next week or the week after

  • If it arrives when Joe is out, do not uncrate the laser

  • Jeep to arrange for a pallet jack

  • Joe to look into if Don can go to San Antonio Laser for more training

BFL Teardown

  • Keep aluminum extrusion

  • Heather to work with Joe on selling laser tube, control panel, chillers

PCB Way Sponsorship Proposal

  • Email from PCBway proposing free PCB services in return for advertising their brand

Bylaw Update Proposal

  • Combine PR & Officer

  • Add requirement for annual audit by a CPA, have CPA do taxes

Cat Match Double Match is Nov 27 through Dec 1

Future Classes

  • Class on new laser

  • Class on curing powder coat with laser

  • January 17th&18th casting class with Josh

Funding New Tools

  • Transparency in budget and how money is spent on tools

CNC Router

  • Joe and Alan to program VFD on Jay's router

  • Shapeko wiring is a bit janky and could be improved

  • Shapeko probe is not functional and needs fixing

2024 Lease

  • Jeep & Fred meeting with the landlord to start discussion

  • Lease proposal will be shared with officers before being signed by President


  • $700 per month in the black

  • Cancelled Lastpass, replaced by 1Password

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