Attendees: Karen, Wes, Alan, Jeep, Roger, Cody, Fred, Don

  1. Recap of member's vote, and any resulting action items

    • Quorum is 51% of full membership need to returned ballots and majority of the ballots casted wins

      • Quorum has been met for all topics

      • The occupancy limit of RCL will be increased 20 persons

      • RCL will be on optional masking guidelines effective July 1st

      • Amendments to the bylaw to use email and other accessible platform for communications about notices of Member/Director/voting meetings (locked PDF & link on WIKI-Wes)

      • Amendments to the bylaw to collect proxy voting using online survey platform

      • RCL members agrees to buy the Everlast Power i-MIG 200 welder

  2. Changes/reorganization of the space (3d printer room, June 29, 6-8pm.) -Move rack next to BFL to sound room, modify shelves to stack 4 or more 3D printers -Move rack currently in clean room to shop to separate wood/metal shop (has rear and side panels) and secure to wall at ceiling truss (8ft 6in) -future plan for yellow weld/dust curtain TBD-Josh -use blue rack for storing hardware bins (suitcase style) or open to other ideas

  3. Public tour night June 10th 7pm -posted on MeetUp & FB-Paul will host

  4. Laser cutter June 9th Josh will replace tube stands, then alignment work can start (research adjustable mirror mounts) K40 blower is mounted Potentially move Glowforge to left of BFL will require assistant venting or ducting out a different window (replace glass in window) -TBD

  5. Grass cutting and general housekeeping (door closer for bathroom door to reduce dust-order on Amazon)

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