Attendees: Jeep, Heather, Wes, Don, Fred, Alan, Joe, Sam

Misc Topics

  • In the future, if a machine is going to be repaired/modified and it will result in the machine being down for more than 24 hours, officers should be consulted/notified

  • Full members can now get individual door codes. This is voluntary.

Money & Budget

  • RCL is currently in the black (revenue from memberships exceeds operating expenses)

  • Fred to look into a business savings account with PNC.

  • Jeep is working on a budget based on current expenses

  • Space divided into 6 Departments + PR/Marketing/General Maintenance + Emergency fund

  • Start by giving $1000 to each department

  • Cash in excess of emergency fund would annually get split between each department. The departments would then also receive money from earmarked donations and revenue from classes that occur in each area.

  • Budget will cover wear items and will allow for better tracking of donations towards large expenses

  • Officer vote to implement - target April Officer Meeting for vote


  • Tube doesn't always fire when settings are low. This is a sign that the laser tube is dying.

  • $500 tube replacement. Must ship machine back to Glowforge, and they will charge $1000-1500 depending on what else needs repair.

  • Since machine is on permanent loan (not owned by RCL), Jason Radford should be consulted before any repair actions are taken.

Lightburn Experience

  • Oct 27-29th 2023 in East Peoria, IL

  • RCL will need to buy a vendor ticket in order to set up a booth on Sunday (29th)

  • If a member wants to sell something, the rule is that it must have been made using Lighburn

Google Accounts

  • For all new members, give them an @rivercitylabs.space email address and set up their Slack account with it

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