Attendees: Alan, Jason, Jeep, Joe, Justin, Heather, Sam, Wes

  • Surprise for ignite:

    • Jason created a flyer for open house

  • Ignite Logistics

    • SAM to bring the van

    • Van comes to RCL at 3.00PM, leaves RCL at 4.00PM to civic sender

    • Staging on Thursday night

    • Van pickup at 5.00PM from civic sender to RCL

  • COC Group recommendation

    • Formalize the process for Community Event Representation.

    • RCL needs a policy for how members officially represent RCL in the community

    • Recommend that there be an approval process

    • Test – is the member representing the values in RCL’s non-profit charter or the values of the event or event organizers?

      • Reputable member and Reputable Organization

      • Officer makes the final call but asks for feedback to members

    • Recommend that RCL’s involvement be clearly communicated to membership with adequate warning

      • Give officers enough notice to make informed decision, short notice wont fly.

  • RCL Shirts

    • Be Delivered on Thursday

  • Response to contacting

    • Email, FB.... don't get enough attention.

    • Reminding PRO about the duties

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