Zoom meeting with members

Aaron Peterson read a statement expressing two main concerns he wanted talk to the members about. The first concern was his observation that there was an increasing lack of empathy and patience among some members in their interaction with other members. His second concern was the shrinking number of people willing to help keep the space operational.

See the following link for his complete statement. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A-sb1bPFpeiHca8JURNBYULbWZt-oQbkMEfmjt6BE0Q/edit

Joe Spanier reported on his breakout meeting session with Distillery Labs https://www.distillerylabs.org/. Distillery Labs is the new name of the Peoria Innovation Hub. Joe was excited about the future possibilities of this new group. He said that many people in that meeting, were aware of all the good things that River City Labs has contributed to the community.

Wes Thill had some comments on Aaron's concern that there were not many people willing to help keep the space operational. Wes said that you are more likely to get a response if you ask specific people rather than putting out a generic call for help. "Sometime we need encouragement that we are qualified to do something, and that we won't be stepping on someone else's toes by doing so.

New member James Moroz mentioned a project he was working on to monitor energy usage in his house. He would like to have an opportunity to present this to the members at a future meeting.

New member Patrick Gudat said he has noticed in other organizations like ours that new members bring in a lot of new energy and if we can harness and direct that energy it would be a great benefit to our organization. He also noted that he has been in leadership positions in other organizations and that the problems we are facing are very common with all volunteer groups like River City Labs.


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