Attendees: Al-Jolly, Chris, Don, Heather, Javier, Jen, Jeep, Karen, Mikey, Sreeram, William


  1. BFL Replacement

    1. Existing Donation and need more

    2. plus members vote for using the in-house funds

  2. Table at LBX

    1. Sam is hosting

    2. Heather and Jeep to help

  3. Open House

    1. Plenty of food

    2. 21 tours

    3. 1 family membership, Javier and Jen

  4. 3d Printer issues

    1. Prusa head dragging (fixed with z-offset) - 0.8mm currently

    2. Lulzbot CURA on laptop (fixed with clean install)

  5. Vacuum Former

    1. CNC needs to go out, Jeep to check out with Dean

    2. placement need to be decided

  6. Circular laser

    1. K40 is able to do that

    2. Jeep has setting for it on the log book

  7. Chris to help with Voting for the laser

  8. See something Say Something

    1. Also be courteous when saying something

  9. Leave the space cleaner than when you came

    1. Clean up before and after yourselves

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