Attendees: Aaron, Cody, Jeep, joe, Karen, Sam Wes


Action Item

Member Survey to be send out by Karen check this link

  • Specific and open Questions

    1. Wishlist for tool to be added if we had the money to invest

      • Give ranking option for major areas

    2. What capabilities do you think RCL is missing to make you come more often

      • Open ended question

  • Tentative Grand Reopening Thursday after "Ignite"

    • August - 18 Thursday

  • Owner of the flea market at Expo Gardens wants to give us free banner space

    • Second Sunday of June (Jeep's contact)

      • Jeep will get the dimensions for the banner so we don't make one too big on accident.

      • Aaron will create the banner design once dimensions are determined. They'll put the design in slack when the rough draft is finished and before the banner is ordered.

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