NOMCon 2019

Dissecting the data: annual survey of the makerpsaces 2018 report-out

  • (follow up for the survey result charts to be posted)

  • what do you need as a leader?

    • manage mengership/access, writing contracts

  • russell_baylor (research candidate in studying entrepreneurs in makerspaces)

Making sustainable

Economics of the maker movement

Grant funding for makerspaces

  • educations, innovation, youth, entrepreneurship grants are most applicable

  • start local for grnts (rotary club, get in front of pelple education fundation, local store foundations,)

  • grants.goc grant gopher

  • sucessful grants

  • capital edu programs community outreach, prrojects thatfocus on inclusivity

  • innovation challenges for entrepreneurs as a source for grants (the space sells a widget)

  • there are grants for startup products?

ake the rigiht ask

  • read the request for proposal use the language they use

  • know what you need

  • ask within your means

  • endowments?


  • check out the funder on guidestar "Show me the 990's'"

  • reuse your work

  • once you've written down the demographics, content, what you do, can then just be tweaked for subseqeutn grants

  • encourage site visits

  • improve your chances

  • network for good (nonprofit training)

  • collaborate with local other nfp's in

  • get grants from local businessess for the collab project

end the hype

  • if you want to improve something, measure it

  • recognize results

  • sponsors are customers - proide them reccuring value

  • depth over breadth - niche communities provide deeper context and value

the empowering nature of pulic art

  • teach people how to make everything

  • week long workshop to make anything

    1. make stuff out of metal

    2. make stuff out of wood

    3. make complex shapes (laser cutters)

    4. learn to program

  • Kids are making all kinds of shit with wood and metal now.


#Volunteer membership notes

  • ask them to log the work in the system so the work can be validated

  • members ares assigned to tasks

  • asset number is put on tasks for specific machines

  • assign recurring maintenance tasks to volunteers members

  • google forms app for appliations (provide actual experience)

  • phone interview to see hathw they want to get out of it

  • inital 30 trial to see how they like it, give one off tasks to learn where things are and where they go

  • flkay people gonna flake within 30 days

  • if i need to chase you down then you're out, no one has time tfror that

  • 8 hr/mo. its more important than

  • spreadsheet where members tell you when they're gonna be in the space and how long they have to work on a certain "affinity"

Fundrasing 101

General Constituency Model (Framework)

  • The organization's universe

    • people with similar interests

      • Former participants

      • Former Donors

      • Former Board Members

        • Clients

        • Volunteers

        • Employees

        • General Donors

        • Members

          • Management

          • Major Donors

          • Board

Know How to make the "case:

practice articulating why the mission is important, how it's a community need, how we can laleaite the need, what resources we need, how we can utilize the resources, and how you can receive the resources

80% of the dollars come from 20% of the people stll important to cultivate and upgrade a tstron base of support annual cpmaign often year end it a commom vehicle for base engagement cost of aqquiring new donors is much more expensive than keeping one happy and engaged increase your focus on retaining and upgrading donors, pays off in long term

developing opportunities

inbound marketing funnel

Linkage, Ability, Interest (venn diagram) Linkage - a cont act bridge or access through a peer ro the potential donor Ability - the raters perception that the prosect has a gift capability at a certain level use linked in to asses Interest - an understanding and interest in the organzization

Board prospect development Excercise

give scores for the three things from 1-5 then total each row. Prioritize from highest score to lowest

Name | Affiliation and Notes | Linkage | Ability | Interest | Total


cultivate is a process of building teh likages between your org and prospect funder. invlcludes:

  1. event invitiation attendancee

  2. special tours

  3. going out to lunch

how to ask for a major gift

research cultivate the propect i nadvance have threww or more interatsion without a monetary ask in past yeasr. listen to them choose a specific ask amount in advance based on your research setup a face to ace, bring two people, directors are ideal make a clean specific ask with a dollar vaue, stay silent until they respond.

How to thank

promt and meaningful acknowledgment for every gift (no more than two weeks) * real signature (blue pen that bleeds) * personalize receiving a report, in measureable terms, on what was accomplished with the last figt before being asked for another email or newslettet updates to donors


good stewardship leads to progressively building deeper relationship with your donors The board should be doing this

The staff takes the lead bu the board should take an active role in stewardship o realtioship these can include thank you call one on one meeting'tour od space participation in networking event participation in committee or planning initiatie update on use of gift personalized email note about some interestin event or activity

corpoate donations

more common in smaller businesses tax advatngaage is motivator ma be cahs or equipment develope a list of proucts owner is oftern decisio maker

corporate sponsorships

often motivated by public relations thnk about theirconstituency model coneect with marketing dep or something hr need to be lean aout what visibility they get as sresult search web for other spoensihships for sens of good ask amount

put what you don't think you can get at the top for a sponsoroship tier, provides price anchoring effect

Request Letter

tells your story, what you need, what they can give? (dude was way too fast)

make direct connection > gather infor > culticate > send solitcitation leter > follow up call > COMMITMENT! > email about logistics


most visible and largest grants are not always the best opportunity Tre are many small regioanly based funders in your area foudnation directory online (site)

Deep Research

spend time on the website look up news articles on giving and priorities look at core values and available documents on goals who els do they fund ( google it) chheck the 990 ( for infor on past grant amoutns

grants: make it happen

  1. research

  2. proritiszation

  3. customized letter of intent

  4. full application

  5. activities

  6. reporting

  7. renew or upgrade (circle back to full application for recurring grants)

some require a letter of intent. scan the grant and use their own language

expect to apply for way more grants than you receive


keep track of all expenses from grant money and put it into a report. you can work with local artists and orgs to get them a grant and they can pay you for services rendered for space/tool use.

The Maker Movement - exploring the 21st century workforce

exploring makers as economic drivers and leaders in the 21st century workforce

makerspace economic value: skills deveopment in a social and sharing environment

The skills we posses are the skills they need: Welders IT What we are: driven creative skille

What we aren't: organized recognized certified

Have companies sponsor a pizza night and have them meet face to face wtih people that have the skills for their company but no certs.

Build relationships with those employers

etsy effect

avg city pop 300,000 approx 500 etsy users average $500/mo x500 = $250,000 x12 = $3,000,000

This is our value! If they were organized into single corporate entity they'd have enough to sustain a giant space.

entrepreneurs - if you can't beat 'em join 'em

where we typically fail (makers): marketing self poromotion business development

where they typically fails (entrepreneurs): prodouct development design prototyping

industry - if you can't join em, beat em

access micromanufacturing distributed micromanufacturing there's a huge gap in small batch manufacturing (manufacturers want miimum batch sizes of 30K units)


etsy amazon handmande ebay facebook marketplace marketplace (check it out, joel isn't advocating for it)


see hub picture. do the marketing, take pics of the product, post them online.

What's after the makerspace

most of these startups fail at the manufacturing stage (check it out) MaTCH grant

FATT open source access control system for the fatt nomcon dashboard repeatable open source scalable platform agnostic accessibly coded affordable hardware

main use cases

door, mains power, some kind of controller (laser, printer)

mozilla open leader program

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