Attendees: Beth, Chris, Jeep, Joe, Heather, Vincent, Sam, Wes


  1. Open Nominations is open

  2. Annual Officer Elections!

Proposals for vote:

  1. Codify the Family Plan

    1. Multiple Options

      • How many can vote

      • How many can run for positions

      • 4 household members(max) on the family members

  2. Codify the Code of Conduct as a condition of membership

    • By being a member, you agree to the RCL CoC

    • explicitly mentioning, membership can be revoked

      • if credible threat to safety and security to members or the property

      • recommendation of the CoC panel

  3. Insurance for property to be taken

    • Taking insurance for everything in the space @ 25$/month

    • Provider "insurance for non-profit alliance"

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