Attendees: Karen Raab, Alan Hennis, Fred Bliss, Jeep, Al Jolly, Don Kalmes, sam

Moving around stuff (Ideas)

  • Move Glowforge to butt butts with BFL or with right side of the overhead door
  • Move router where Glowforge is now
  • Move drills, battery and charger on a French cleat 4.5ft above the ground to right side of the mill
  • Use one of the work table for forge press
  • Move the drill press to more accessible position
    • Moved temporarily to by horizontal-band-saw.
  • Blue Fastenal to move into mesh tower, and mesh tower to move by the overhead door.
  • whiteboard to be mounted from middle-shelf to the ground

Give away or sell

  • CNC router by the kitchen
  • posted poll for opinion from members

Keep the space clean

  • Thanking members for all housekeeping done
  • Put things on recycling or trash as deemed, as much as you can

Financial reports

  • Lost one starving member, and a downgrade from family to individual membership
  • Reports posted to respective channel

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