Attendees: Aaron, Alan, Fred, Cody, Don, Fred, Josh, Patrick, Wes, Sam

  • Survey by Karen

    • All sorts of question

  • Don safety class

    • Anyone attending can be checked out

    • video will be recorded

      • Anyone watches video will need to be checked out in person

  • Spook Hallow visit

    • 28th Thursday April 2022.

    • Need Volunteers for Tours and inform people

      • Confirmed volunteers: Jeep, Heather, Josh

  • Cosplay Guild Visit

    • 19th Tuesday April 2022

  • Expansion

    • Get members the at-large vision rather details, which can be dealt with later

      • Members need to read and be informed about Financial, rough floor-plan, Misc. expenses (wall, electrical , plumbing, carpentry, city codes....)

      • Goal is to make no tools goes down

      • Karen to seek Caterpillar Yellow Contaminant/Flammable cabin

  • Get an article written on the local papers for RCL

    • Reopening/expanding our new space

    • Cook out from Josh's Barbeque Trailer

    • Vegetarian on WES's smoker, maybe beyond burger from wherever

  • Voting open to members. READ THE DETAILS ON Voting PLEASE

    1. A vote on Fred's proposal to rent out an additional room of the building. See #rcl-expansion-2022

    2. A vote on my proposal to enhance our code of conduct. See #administration-code-of-conduct-updates-2022

    3. A vote on Karen's proposal to change the definition of quorum in our bylaws. see https://rclpeoria.slack.com/archives/C034R05BNRG/p1649000051156619

    4. A vote to fill the vacant events coordinator position

    5. A vote to fill the vacant director position

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