Attendees: Aaron, Sam, Karen, Jeep, Heather, Don, Alan, Fred, Levi, Vincent, Dan! (not a member)


  1. Woodshop Dust Collection system is offline for the time being. The fan is having issues and blowing circuits, the officers will work on getting it replaced.

  2. The panel saw needs a better place to live. General consensus is to keep the panel saw for now, we just need to keep it in a more accessible yet out of the way place.

  3. March 11, the peoria library is coming for women makers (women's history month/ women in engineering)

  4. Jeep offered to host a free class for making a bottle opener (introduction to forging class)

  5. We gave away 2x 1 month memberships to the industry brewing/ distillery labs event. See fred and whoever greenlit that for details.

  6. Boyscounts are coming in on Jan 21st (saturday, event is on the calendar) to work on pinewood derby cars. Try to stay clear of the woodshop on that day.

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