TV Interview with WMBD on 4/17

  • Demonstration of tools & interview

  • Jeep, Don, Sam, Heather were there

  • Will air Sunday morning 4/21 between 7-7:30 AM, 7-9 minute feature

  • Heather will get a link to share

Facilities Improvements

  • New lights have arrived and will be installed soon

    • 20 were ordered

  • New security cameras & video doorbell have arrived

    • 2 for outside and 6 for inside

Wishlist Budget

  • Budget will be put to a member vote in May

  • Budget projected to reinvest $12,500 on tools through the end of the year

  • See Wishlist channel in Slack for more information

Peoria Area Repair Cafe

  • Run as nonprofit, sustained by donations

  • Goal is to organize events to repair things and keep them out of landfills

  • Locations of repair cafe events will rotate

    • RCL may have the opportunity to host a repair cafe event

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