Attending: Jeep, Heather, Mike Overholt, Dean, Alan Henning, Al Jolly, Harold Jolly, Jim Streeky, Karen, Will Staples, Don, Val, Sam

  • Go over budget template-- will not change existing by laws to track where money is spent. $10,000 will go into savings to draw interest. 7 categories ($1,000 for each department). Department specific donations will go directly to that department. Planning on implementing by April.

  • If you want your own personal door code, let Jeep, Alan, or Sam know and he will help you set that up. This is strictly voluntary if you choose to have one. Must be at least 6-8 digits.

  • If you want your own River City Labs email, reach out to Sam.

  • V-Carve Pro Pro Version is on the main computer now in the shop. Leaving it on the laptop by the Shapeko.

  • Dust Collections changes have been made in the wood shop. There are elbows with every machine.

  • New erasers for the sanders. New adapter for the welder.

  • Tool holders on the lathe and it is working extremely well and tail stock is working correctly. If you want to know about the lathe, reach out to Harold.

  • Engineering day, the open house and library tour were all 3 very successful. One new member and several at the library tour are ready to sign up for the resin casting class.

  • Dust collector sensor is being set up.

  • Probotic router will be up and going in the next few days, leaks are fixed down to wiring only.

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