Attendees: Alan, Don, Fred, Jeep, Josh, Karen, Sam


  • Fred created an app for the mblock

    • Rivercity labs on the internet now for mblock as a developer

  • Josh's Cricut works !!!

  • Tool on loan channel

    • Tracking tools only

  • Potluck planning

    • Some food and drinks on the house (budget permitting)

  • Door not shutting properly

    • Please make sure the front door fully closes behind you

  • Glowforge exhaust

    • duct work is complete waiting on josh until next Thursday

  • Regular housekeeping request

    • keep encouraging members

  • Forge press is operational

    • Jeep did some tweaks for now for one handed operation

  • Machines being equipped for long hours

    • notifications-machine channel not updating anymore

      • Fixed on Huber printer

        • Octoprint updated

      • waiting for Radford printer to complete what its doing in 10 hours

  • Josh to repair the Huber printer hob-wheel drive

  • Bathroom door

    • bathroom cleaning schedule (when did we last clean)

    • install door closer (Fred to order, Alan to install)

  • Selling of the Ball screw mounts

    • set the trash can

  • D11 tractor bolts

    • Don hopes to find out what steel they're, and jeep will melt them

  • K40 soft limits

    • Check software and/or limit switch (Josh to check)

  • Gas Cylinder for welder

    • Joey Ghazanfari to buy back the cylinder RCL got from him

    • Setup an agreement with ILMO

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