Officer's Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Karen, Wes, Jeep, Alan, Paul

Electronics recycling/bench clean up-Karen/Fred

-Grit blast cabinet- Steve will work on base with Wes

-Grass cutting need volunteers-Karen

-laser maintenance -Josh will take a look at it after mill is complete

-move rack by laser to replace wood table in metal shop?

-Open to public 2nd Thursday/month (June?) -Steve

Spring cleaning day (s) May 1st? Survey members -Steve/Wes

Sound studio?- Wes will post on 7916 channel

Classes-in progress


BFL- Joe/Joshua fix BFL, parallel path make a new steel frame

Welder-solenoids that engage gas and arc, pull trigger should activate the arc, there is no wire feed, worked one month ago

Trade in bottle-ILCO, 3/32” tungsten wire for TIG

Trade in welder and upgrade with 10# spools at Harbor Freight (current Mig $210, upgraded $600) - Alan

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