Officer's meeting minutes

Attendees: Karen Raab, Ellie Ford, Steve Polus

Wes Thill, Alan Hennis, Don Kalmes

2021 RCL wish list

#1 Lightburn license $40-

#2 FUSION 360 license $40/year-Tech Soup

#3-Upgrades to 3D printers-Aerostruder needs new drive wheel parts are on order

BFL laser tube slush fund-establish % of member dues and crowdfunding -$1/MINUTE suggested donation $500/tube -plan for replacement 4th quarter 2021

Magnetic connections for dust collection hoses to make it easier to attach to machines-Alan, 3d print with ABS, need strong Neod magnets 50 cents/each, 30/connection -higher priority, still under research

220 volt outlet- $40 to convert existing outlet mid level priority -once a month firing

Upgrade to CNC router software $200 (crowd funded)- will move forward with members (makerspace space Vcarve pro subscription $99/year 5 copies on computers at RCL plus members can use at home) Karen

Red tag system for out of order of tools-Alan, how to report machine/ safe job procedure/ Slack channel ‘Machine Down’ high priority,-try it now!!! Josh has a spreadsheet for machine down, or wiki?

Wood Countersink drill bits-Alan go ahead-Harbor Freight set -added to tool wish list

Metal lathe tail stock-new $ Don- medium priority

Additional topics -Ronald McDonald House $1000.30 check issued Jan 8th

-Education officer-Wes coordinating

-Grizzly cnc mill-Josh-in progress

-Google voice calls-Ellie voice mail goes to Officers mail

-Paid member storage- Alan membership tier?, add on? Donation? Yearly fee -pay up front $120

-Individual door codes for members-Fred with assistance for documentation purposes (500 code limit)

-light table sale-in progress till end of January, price reduced to $50 on 1/21. This weekend will start with disassembly for possible use for table saw out-feed table

-hoist low priority https://www.harborfreight.com/1-ton-telescoping-gantry-crane-41188.html

-sand blast cabinet -low priority

-more woodshop tool suggestions

-Virtual tour Feb 24, 2021 -Ellie leading

-Updating photos in Google business -Steve

- Update bylaws to reflect reasonable purchasing amounts

- Deputize area captains (laser cutters, 3D printers, electronics bench, metal shop, wood shop) to help Alan

-community effort to keep the place running

--make budget for work areas

- Improve documentation of onboarding process-Josh/Steve

-Membership maintenance -Josh/Wes

- Create list of people with slack access and reason for access: paid member/guest/etc.

-Increasing membership thoughts-work on tool improvements/machine down process, virtual classes, open build nights are on hold-metrics for reopening? Schedule a separate meeting

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