Door Access
Yale Nextouch NTB610-ZW2-626

Door Lock

Technical Specifications

    Tactile push button keypad; glove friendly, ideal for exterior installs
    Designed for small business applications
    Integrates seamlessly with existing Z-Wave alarm and automation systems, including VeraEdge, VeraPlus controllers
    Acrylic button keypad
    User capacity: 25-500*
    Easy to install; standard door prep, 2-1/8″ cross-bore, 1″ edge bore
    Augusta lever
    Enables easy and remote management of access rights
    Reduces cost of re-keying
    Voice prompted programming
    Provides real-time notifications
    Privacy mode to lockout keypad entry
    9V battery back-up
*25 Users Stand-alone without Wireless, 500 Users with Wireless

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