1. Annual Officer Elections!

Proposals for vote:

Meeting Notes:

Election Results:

President: Jeep Johnson

Vice President: unfilled

Secretary: Wes Thill

Treasurer: Unfilled (the officers suggest that Fred be elected)

Event Coordinator: Sam Mahadevan

Facilities Officer: Alan Hennis

PR Officer: Heather Houze

Membership Officer: Joe Spanier

Education Officer: Josh Malavolti won but does not want it anymore. Unfilled.

At-Large Directors: Aaron Peterson, Don Kalmes

Family Membership proposal passes

Code of Conduct proposal passes

MIBS proposal passes

Upcoming Events:

Dec 15, Distillery Labs event 5:30 at the space

Dec 1, Heather and Karen are meeting someone from the Peoria Library to plan a women maker event sometime in March

Dec 2, Karen and the Girl Scouts have a woodworking event

OLLI 3D Printing lab, Fred is hosting. Starts Jan 17 and is weekly for 4 weeks

Feb 28 9-11, Fred is hosting OLLI at the makerspace.

Boyscouts asked Karen to help do a derby car workshop sometime in February

Dec 9, Dec 10 (separate events) Jeep is hosting the Intro to Forging classes, all sold out, all external participants. Jeep will work with Sam to come up with a set of safety standards for the blacksmithing areas in preparation for the classes.


Something may be coming from Spook Hollow 👻

Cat 2:1 donation match is coming up Nov 28 - Dec 12. Karen says the money runs out fast, so do it sooner if you plan to donate anything.

Important Considerations

We should consider some kind of Safety Officer

Someone had issues using the Cricut, it may not be working after all

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