Contributing to the Wiki

Steps for contributing to the wiki

Rough Draft:

  1. Any downloadable files should be hosted in our google drive and linked here via a publicly shareable link. Be sure to upload and share the file via a gmail account and not a personal email account.

  2. Try to limit page heirarchy to a depth of 3 at most.

  3. DO NOT USE COMMENTS. They currently cannot be deleted for whatever reason.

  4. Try to format content as you write it. If you aren't sure, someone else can do it later.

  5. Organize the information on the page from most important at the top less important moving downward, when possible

How to edit:

  1. create a gitbook account via the invite link in the #wiki slack channel invite (do not post it here).

    1. We recommend signing in with your gsuite (google) account. If you don't have one, please reach out in slack.

  2. Login to with the account you created

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