Active Channel Directory

Channel listing for active and ongoing discussions (in Slack) at the makerspace.


Channel NameDescription

general makerspace administration chat

chat about updating our bylaws

discuss proposed updates to the code of conduct

discuss expanding into adjacent rooms

if you borrow something from the space, please post it here so we can track it


Channel NameDescription

Metal Casting class on 3/3/2022


Channel NameDescription

design/build a software container hosting platform for member use

3D Printing

Channel NameDescription

purchase a prusa mini to trial replacing our other printers


Channel NameDescription

discuss building a new workbench with integrated router table

Deep Linking Into Slack

Here's the string to use to create a deep link into the slack app:


All you need to do is find the channel id and replace the id after the 'id=' in the above link. The team name will stay the same.

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