Attendees Aaron, Cody, Fred, Heather, Jeep, Patrick, Karen, Sam, Steve, Wes


  • Code of Conduct Committee

    • Recommendations: Take from Channel

  • Storage for Jason:

    • Give it with time-limit without usage or time-limit with usage and non-renewal.

    • Details to be ironed-out

      • Rent

      • Timeline

  • Fire Extinguishers

    • Need to replace Two (Follow up with Josh)

    • Need to buy possibly Two more commercial ones

      • Refillable and Re-usable

      • One for electrical rated (check to see if we can re-certified).

      • Cody to take care for re-certification and buying more.

  • Build Night.

    • Please come in and help

  • Switching Laptops for 3d-Printer

    • switch old-Linux and MSI for the printer

    • Aaron to follow up with Steve to get his MAC

    • Karen's windows laptop with Shapeoko.

  • Get a new dust-boot for router/Shapeoko

  • Follow up with Josh's Parents for roof leak.

  • Aaron to take a look at the Jointer & Planar

  • Wes to decide and get the FRED the links to buy them.

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