Intubation Aerosol Shield

aka the rcl_sneezie_boi

This is a large see through box with arm holes and a slot on the side meant for protecting HCP's from airborn water vapors common when intubating a patient. The original concept and design of the shield was done by Dr. Hsien Yung Lai, Mennonite Christian Hospital, Hua Lian, Taiwan.

We made modifications based on requirements from local HCP for their specific needs. The modifications were made by members of River City Labs

The goal is to minimize edges and metal from the original design to increase the ease of sterilization, and add a slot on the right side so the shield can be removed after intubation.

This is the current design that is being approved at this time. Once we finalize a design and get it approved by our local HCP's we'll share the files.

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