1. Vote to purchase a new horizontal band saw

    1. vote passed to purchase the harbor freight 63469

  2. discuss officer purchasing/reimbursement process

    1. no real discussion happened except that we need to come up with something

  3. discuss paying for member storage

    1. Best option so far is new gopaywall tiers

  4. Discuss how RCL should reopen

    1. keep existing guidelines

    2. we will revisit the guidelines in the next officers meeting

    3. we will allow scheduled tours

    4. we will get a virtual tour setup to help filter out unnecessary

  5. Chris is working on a proposal for volunteer opportunities with the Dream Center in Peoria

Band Saw

Our existing 6 or 7 year old Harbor Freight Model 93762 band saw is broken. The gears in the gearbox were worn out due to the lubricant leaking out. Repair costs would be about $100 if we can find parts and assuming other parts are not worn out due to normal use. We believe repair cost would be better spent on a new replacement saw.

The table below list various replacement models we have researched and their approximate final cost, including applicable taxes and shipping cost. Most of these saws are based on the same model made by whatever Chinese manufacturer produces them. The Harbor Freight models include Alan's 20% Harbor Freight employee discount. The Harbor Freight 93762 is the exact replacement for our existing saw. We propose getting the Harbor Freight 63469 as it has a larger cutting capacity, hydraulically controlled cutting feed and a auto blade lubrication system.

1 HP 4 In. X 6 In. Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw - Model 93762

1 HP 7 In. X 12 In. Hydraulic Feed Metal Cutting Band Saw - Model 63469

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