Social Media


We use Buffer to schedule social media posts in advance so it reduces the time and effort required to maintain a social media presence.

Here are the steps to schedule a post:

  1. Log into Buffer and sign in via the shared LastPass account (only shared with officers)

  2. On the main dashboard screen, click in the "what do you want to share" box. A dialogue should popup to type your post in. The three circles at the top represent our facebook page, twitter profile, and instagram account.

  3. Deselect the Instagram icon option for now (it doesn't actually post for you, it needs both the Buffer and Instagram app installed on a phone, it's just setup in case someone wants to enable that). The Instagram option should now be greyed out.

  4. Make sure Facebook and Twitter icons are selected.

  5. Type your post and add any media

  6. Click "customize for each network"

  7. Add any customizations for each network if necessary

  8. Select "Add to queue"

  9. You should see the post get automatically added to the next available 10am posting timeslot!

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