Attendees: Wes, Fred, Jeep, Alan, Karen, Sam


  • Mask update and open-to-public

    • Officers have the power to enact restriction or lift them for public health/welfare, with a quorum

    • Officers will inform members about the decision before the member's meeting

    • RCL will uphold "mask-up if not vaccinated" sign

    • RCL officers expects the members will be courteous to fellow members with mask policy

  • Buy Joe's Laser Co2 Tube for $150 from Joe S, tube has 100 hours old

    • Joe dropped it off

    • RCL will store it on the top shelf in printer room

    • Shipping and Installation included

  • Joe to update the Beta version of lightburn on laser computer

    • ask him to check for duplicate/another instance of the application

  • Glowforge to be moved left side of the BFL to move away from wood-shop (long term plan)

    • waiting till exhaust is done

    • will ask for exhaust ideas

  • Individual door code for member

    • mini project for someone (SAM maybe)

    • If door left open for an hour, post anonymous notification to #7916-n-hale-ave channel

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