Officers: Jeep Johnson, Heather Houze, Wesley Thill, Alan Hennis, Sam Mahadevan, Don Kalmes, Joe Spanier

Open House

  • Sept 16 11am to 4pm

  • Food (burgers, brats, hot dogs) has been purchased, Josh is bringing his smoker

  • Josh has 3 large coolers, Sam has 2 coolers

  • Jeep has arranged for members to be available to give tours for specific areas

Replacement for the BFL

  • BFL is becoming a maintenance nightmare

  • Opinion: A large format machine would be a better short-term purchase than a Glowforge replacement

  • CO2 laser is a requirement for RCL, Fiber Laser is more of a nice-to-have

  • No decisions made - discussion to continue in Slack


  • Jason Radford confirmed that the Glowforge is RCL's to use indefinitely, and if we think replacing it is the best way of protecting the capability and providing value to our members, then that decision is ours to make and he would not object

Laser Training & Procedures

  • Time & date will be announced at Member's Meeting on the 21st for a certification class to be run by Fred

Space Cleanup

  • Need to contact Dean about moving his CNC Router to make room for new tools

Cura in the 3D Printer Room

  • Jeep and Al have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, with no luck

  • Sam is looking into it

  • If Sam can't figure it out, Joe will come in and look at it

Paint Room Filters

  • Move table so it is not directly in front of filters

  • Discuss at Member's Meeting

Training One or Two People on Treasurer Activities

  • Jeep & Heather are interested in being trained by Fred

  • Jeep will discuss at member's meeting to see if anyone else is interested

Cat Match for Volunteer Hours

  • Reminder for Cat employees that they can submit volunteer hours for a Cat match from the Caterpillar Foundation

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